Saturday, November 19, 2022

Carrots Ginger Apple Lime for Cleansing the Liver

Drink in an empty stomach every morning
7 Carrots  oiled 5 min
ginger fresh
Mixed with the water that carrots were boiled in
Lemon or lime juice
Slices if green apple half apple
Grates apple half if the apple.

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Saturday, November 6, 2021

The Law of Disease and Cure

The vital Fluid is the river of Living Water the Fountain of Youth.
It turns tge Whells of life and is the Rejuvenating of flesh. It is composed by what man breathe drinks and eats.

This basic knowledge, the Ancients knew for ages and used it to effectively rejuvenate the body.

They taught that:
1.  Disease results from stagnated circulation and visited blood.
2. Purification of the blood and acceleration of its circulation is scientific cure.
3. The means to accomplish this are supplied only by the body
4. The body makes blood and purifies it. Nothing else can do this vital work. The wisest chemist cannot make one drop of blood.
5. The supply determines the methid of procedure.
6.The procedure must be natural to be favorable.
7. Being natural, results are positive and permanent.

This is the Law of the Disease and Cure.

From the book:
Live Better (1962)  by Hilton Hotema